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Have you been an unfair situation where felt you are oppressed or discriminated on purpose? It can because of your background, social class, religion, skin colour, gender, nationality and all stupid labels humans created. I had been in such situations many times, in my homeland Iran, in my beloved city Hungary, and my current hometown in the Netherlands.

I want to share my journey with you, because I know I’m not the only person seeking for freedom, creativity and building a better world.

Iran, My Beloved Country

I lived in the capital city of Iran, Tehran until 2016. Before that, I always dreamed about…

Lab-grown meat will be on our table very soon

An intro to how lab-grown meat is made and regulations.

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I have been vegan for a year, and I can tell you it is not easy. The easy part is that I usually cook myself; I buy vegan, cook vegan, eat vegan! But due to my job, I needed to travel often, and I struggled to find vegan food in some countries, even in Europe. When I became vegan, I set two simple rules:

1Vegan food is my first choice, but if I’m craving some food that contains eggs, honey or cheese, I let myself enjoy that non-vegan product once a week.

2 If I did not find any substantial…

Three peaceful ways to let go of your anger.

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Does your blood pressure rocket when your best friend betrays your trust? Do you feel extreme emotions after a year of hard work when a promised pay raise does not happen?

Say hello to anger and let me explain what happens in your brain when you feel anger.

How Do We Respond To Anger?

We all feel anger, and but we might respond to it differently. It is harder for some people to hold their emotions back; for some, it's impossible to express it; even when expressing their feelings without a filter.

When I find myself too furious, suddenly, I become quiet. I prefer not to…

Researches show incorporating sustainability strategies could help to grow your business faster!

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I want to grab your attention to a topic that everyone, especially Millenials, is concerned about…

The Earth!

We reached an era when we cannot ignore the harmful effects of humans irresponsible activities on our planet. Therefore, there seem to be more and more companies incorporating sustainable business practices. In fact, Incorporating sustainability strategies into your company is not only good for the planet, but it can also help you outstand from the crowd!

I approach sustainability as eliminating waste of time and resources and increasing efficiency to benefit the environment and humanity.

I worked in five companies so far…

Migration can be a life-changing experience, but there are unexpected challenges and mental traps!

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Starting a new life in a new country sounds like a sexy idea. When you migrate to a new country, you can grow into a different person. You can become the best version of yourself or the worst. I was swinging between the two!

I lived in the capital city of Iran, Tehran until 2016. Before that, I always dreamed about moving to another country, get a job in the tech industry and live differently. I could not imagine wearing a hijab or hiding my relationships for the rest of my life. I wanted to party, drink, and enjoy life…

Wear fashionable clothes with a minimum environmental footprint

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I love to dress fashionably, but I found most fast fashion trends cheesy. I don’t want to wear a skirt that I see everywhere! I want to be different, to outstand from the crowd! On the other hand, I’m becoming more aware of the fashion industry's environmental impact, which feels contradictory to my interest! But after lots of research, I found my way!

Starting with the fashion industry's environmental impact, that is the second most polluting industry, while around 1.5 trillion litres of water is being used annually. …

Focusing only on success can lead you to failure!

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I was raised in a society where success mattered a lot, and any failure considered not OK! At school, we received a present from our teacher when we succeeded as the best in our class, but we never talked about our failures.

Most of us translate “failure” to “lack of success” but how realistic is our image of success? LinkedIn, Facebook and Medium are full of success stories with few or no detailed explanations of how a person or a company got to that level. We define our “success” based on others’ achievements. …

Now it’s time to change our lifestyle.

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Imagine a beautiful evening in Santorini island; eating steak, enjoying the incredible view and already daydreaming about spending the next vacation in Uroa bay beach. It might sound familiar for many of us who thought staying home for vacation sounds crazy! Seriously… why would you stay home while there are countless unique places on the planet to explore?

A guide to shine during and after an online interview

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I worked in a startup for a year, and due to an extremely high-stress level, I decided to quit my job a few months ago. As a migrant, I was at risk of losing my residency permit, work permit, and stable income for an unknown period, after all, the Covid19 crisis made it even more challenging to find a job.

I wanted to work as a technology product manager. Product management is my favourite role because as a product manager, I lead the product development process all the way from just being an idea to being a fully developed product…

The role of women in ancient Persia, Rome, Egypt, Greece, and China

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I lived in Iran until I was 29. During my university years, despite many female classmates, I had one female professor. Later on, at work, I was always the only woman in the group. I moved to Hungary to study a Master’s degree in electrical engineering, and in most classes, I was the only woman! After graduation, I worked in Hungary and the Netherlands, and again I was the only female on the team!

I always felt comfortable working and studying with male colleagues, but something caught my attention wherever I lived. Everywhere I worked, I was the only female…

Sahar J

I chose to change the world to a better place by my sustainable lifestyle, professional and storytelling skills.

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